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Hiring labour through CLJ Services OÜ is a fast, easy and inexpensive way of finding trustworthy professional employees. 

Rental workers are on our (CLJ Services OÜ) payroll, but work for You, by Your rules. Our labour renting service is a convenient option because workers can easily be replaced, in case one turns out to be unsuitable for the job. You only have to pay for the actual amount of working hours our labour worked for You. Salaries, sickness benefits, dispatching costs and all other expenses are covered by us.

CLJ Services OÜ abides by the legislative rules of Estonia, Finland and the European Union. We are in close contact with different labour unions and all our workers’ salaries meet the requirements set by labour unions in their country of dispatch.


  • Highly motivated professional workers
  • Trustworthy partnership
  • Simplicity of the service
  • Economic benefits
  • Guarantee

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